Summer Champs!

Congrats to Team D, MCHL Summer Champs!

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Summer Finals

Sunday 8/26
7:15pm 3rd Place – B-E Goalies (Dan – Sully) (Begs Ref)
8:30pm 1st Place – D-C Goalies (? – Todd) (Fassl Ref)

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AM Summer Hockey

We are looking for interested skaters for a 6am-7am game on Thursdays In McFarland. Approx $10 each week (current MCHL, $15 for new skaters). We would do a Sign-up Genius and limit it to 22 skaters +goalies each week (11on11).

Sign Up –

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Congrats Team C – Summer 2017 Champs

Congratulations to Team C – Captained by Mac Hannon. MCHL Summer 2017 Champions in a Shootout. Thanks to Dan Buss for filling in!

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Congrats to Team “B” – Summer 2016 Champions

IMG_3952Team B:
Captain: Andy P.
Goalie: Josh M. (Wild Card)
Mike G.
Chris E.
Megan E.
Danny K.
Joe S.
Stuart N.

Peter T.
Josh F.
John H.
David G.

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Congratulations to Team B, captained by Lou for winning the Summer Championship in a Shoot Out!
summer 2015 champs_picmonkeyed

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Congratulations to Team B on your Championship.  5-4 in OT Shootout.  Congratulations to Beggs for scoring the game winner!


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Championship Match

The Schedule for the Championship match is as follows!

6:45-7:15- Skills competition

Fastest skater ( a couple of spots left)
Hardest Shot (a couple of spots left)
Accuracy Shooting
and Breakaway Goals (need a goalie at about 7:05)
7:15-8:15 A-C for 3rd Place

8:15-8:30 Clean ice- Zamboni

8:30-D-B Championship Game
9:30 – Go to BW’s for Post Game celebration
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As of today we are up to 25 skaters….with a 5-6 new faces.  If you want to play summer hockey Sign up ASAP….

We’ve had several concerns about the inconsistent ICING calls.  I will speak to all of the Refs and the new plan for icing will be as follows.

Strict enforcement of Defensive Blue line Icing.   If the player could’ve played the puck, icing will be waived off.  No waiving it off just because you don’t want to call it.


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Summer 2015

Summer Registration is up and Running.  We already have 17 skaters in the first week of registration.  Based upon the skater registrations and the number of people who want to sub, it appears as the best course of action will be to limit the league to 40 skaters.  (8 skaters per team, 5 teams).  This will allow up to 5 skaters per team to sub each week.   This still puts us at large numbers on the bench, but with absences, we should be close to 11-12 skaters instead of 13-14 skaters.



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